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Delegated Access and Shopping Period Tools


  1. About
    1. Screen Shots
  2. Building
    1. Source Location and Patches
    2. Sakai.Properties
  3. Using the Tool
    1. Adding the Tool
    2. Create a Site Hierarchy
    3. Site Hierarchy Quartz Job
    4. Shopping Period Quartz Job
    5. Sakai Administrator User Use Case
    6. Delegated Access User Use Case
    7. Delegated Shopping Admin User Use Case
    8. Shopping User Use Case
  4. Architecture
    1. Basic Tree Structure
    2. Delegated Access Tree Node
    3. Site Hierarchy and Shopping Period Jobs


The delegated access tool controls both delegating access to users outside of the site membership realm as well as setting up and controlling site shopping period information.  To make it easier to describe, I will break the description into two tools: “Delegated Access Tool” and “Shopping Period Tool”.


Shopping Period Settings Page
This is the page where a shopping period administrator can edit the shopping period information for their sites or departments.

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Source Location and Patches


This property allows you to choose a site type which the “Restrict Tools” list will be populated from.

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Using the Tool

Adding the Tool

There are two tools for delegated access:


The shopping user is a person who is interested in trying a site that has been set up for shopping.  This user will go to shopping period tool (more than likely in the !Gateway page).  Here they will be able to see all their options in a node architecture and they will be able to search for sites by ID or Title.  When they have found the site they want to shop for, they will click the link for that site and inherit the privileges for that shopping period.

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Basic Tree Structure

This is the tree structure for both the Shopping Period Tree and Delegated Access Tree.