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This is a group for those interested in using Sakai for Medical and Health Sciences Education. It started from a gathering of interested people at the annual Sakai conference in Denver. We hope that by working together on common issues we will be able to share resources, spur relevant development work, and expand the capabilities of Sakai to meet our common needs.

We welcome participation of new members!

Mailing List

To be added to the mailing list, send a message to with the following text as the only text in the body of the message:
subscribe sakai-medhealthsci-l firstname lastname


Please enter your contact / institution information below:




Notes About Your Implementation of Sakai / Other LMS


Greg Doyle

University of Cape Town

using Sakai for 3 years

Assessment (Extended Matching Items & MCQ Bank), OER, Curriculum Mapping, Lock down browsing

Steve Lonn

University of Michigan

Using Sakai since 2005

Not sure -- general interest in this area

Eric Hanson

Uniformed Services University of Health Sciences (USUHS)

Migrating to Sakai


Dina Kurzweil


Migrating to Sakai


Beth Marsellas


Migrating to Sakai


Nadia Sultana

NYU - School of Nursing

Using Sakai 2x


Stacy Morrone

Indiana University

Using Sakai since 2005


Michael Bangert

Indiana University School of Medicine

Evaluating Sakai


Tom Boudreaux

Oregon Health Sciences University

Using Sakai since 2008?


Sharon Combs-Eisenbarth




Hannah Reeves

Tufts University

Moving to Sakai in 2011


Brian Moynihan


Pilot: 2009-2010, "Production Pilot" for all M1&2 courses 2010-2011

Curriculum mapping, OER question bank, joint Sakai development for medical-school specific needs.

Brian Tobin

Stanford University School of Medicine

Moved to Sakai 2009 from BB CE6 (main campus has been Sakai for a few years)


Anoop Kumar

Tufts University



Robert Gérin Lajoie

University of Montréal

project MPASS -Sakai 3


Marc Triola




Richard Ratelle

University of Montréal

project MPASS -Sakai 3


Tim Ayliffe

St. George's University



Joan Lafuze




Paulus Djajapranata

University of California Davis



Theresa McCann

St. George's University















Projects working on at the moment

Greg Doyle

Cape Town

1) Adding EMI question type to samigo 2) MCQ Question Bank

Brian Tobin


improving Schedule tool iCal feed so you can tie videos/media automatically to a Schedule session