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  • 05-06-10 Virtual Working Session

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  1. Assessment/Evaluation
    1. Are the terms "assessment/evaluation" appropriate?
    2. Lens: needs to be refined/some discussion, needs to be broadened (Lynn).  Cite more formally if taken from Wikipedia.
    3. Facets: Discuss if we need to add new facets, refine current definitions, clean up current list
    4. Review and consider John Norman's manifesto on grading
    5. Which place in the list should this be in?
  2. Online Learning Space Design
    1. Mostly done, light review and consensus discussion
  3. Social Interaction
      1. Lens: Need to synthesize the definitions that are there now (three paragraph), finalize and consensus
      2. Facets: Seem fairly good, light review and consensus
    2. Content Creation and Use (START?)
      1. Lens: Fairly good definition at this point, needs light review and consensus
      2. Facets: Just a raw list right now, need to refine list and develop definitions
    3. User Autonomy
      1. Lens: Light review and consensus needed.
      2. Facet: Need to consider "dashboard and offline" and if they should be facets or moved elsewhere, need to agree on list and refine definition
    4. Learning Activities
      1. Lens: Good content but is long and need to be refined significantly.  Consensus agreement needed.
      2. Facets: Refine facet definitions (more concise), cite wikipedia if we keep the reference.
    5. Openness
      1. Lens: Need to review and refine definition (what is there has not been reviewed yet)
      2. Facets: Need to review/add and create definitions.

    To Do:

    1. Agree on format for facets
      1. Do we want to have an introductory paragraph or is this redundant with the lens definition?
      2. Length of definitions? - concise is best???
    2. Do we want to keep the "Design Concept" column
    3. Reorder based on prioritization
    4. Create a new document that only has the Learning Lenses
      1. Clean up different lens versions
      2. Lock it from public editing
    5. Uniform formatting