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  • Last week to discussed doing some preliminary work and then communicating this out to a larger audience.

  • Robin suggests we pick the most fundamental themes right away.
  • Janice: Fundamental to whom? Portfolios are different from tradition training, for instance.
  • Josh: We need a common understanding of themes and workflows.
  • David: We need to make a case that these are important teaching and learning themes.
  • Josh: We could move this to a Google docs if needed.
  • Janice: Assessment has to be included.
  • What we are looking for are meta-capability, things that should be available from anywhere.
  • We might need to split "Assessment" in more specific terms like "self-assessment", "peer assessment", etc.
  • David: Portfolios need to be fleshed-out more.
  • Janice: Portfolios are tool and workflow at the same time. One can use a portfolio tool and not build a portfolio, or can build a portfolio without a portfolio tool.
  • Josh: We need vignettes to demonstrate portfolios.
  • Lynn: Reflection seems to be more granular. Self-expression might be an umbrella term for reflection.
  • Not easy to associate some of these themes with 1 or 2 CG principles.
  • David: We might need to split Content Management in multiple smaller ones.
  • Robin: Let's define these ones first, we'll see which ones need to be refined later.
  • Josh: Please define tracking.
  • Tracking is a way to keep traces of the completion of activities.
  • Lynn: It's another form of feedback to improve student success. It is a kind of report.
  • Mathieu: Tracking involves reminders and notifications.
  • Josh suggests to take off-meeting time to complete the work, discuss issues during the virtual meeting.
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    Robin: What are the goals of the virtual meeting? Any deliverable?
    \[Good question, but not mine; maybe Lynn.  RH\]
  • Josh published some of these goals.

    From last week: