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(plus) Good docs and code samples available on the RSF Wiki
(info) Greater separation of UI and code can require more files and lines of code
(info) Not used in Sakai core yet but is fully functional in it and integrates somewhat
(minus) Small user community, no books yet
(minus) Still in development
(plus) Good AJAX/Javascript integration


(plus) Easy for Developer - Uses pure Java and no XML configuration required
(plus) Easy for Designer - Excellent separation of Code and UI, uses pure XHTML templates
(info) Integration with Sakai - Excellent, see the existing tools for the minimal setup required

Other notes:

(plus) Good docs and code samples available on the Wicket Wiki
(plus) Several core tools are now Wicket based and have rich AJAX UI's
(plus) Large user community, several excellent books
(plus) Has been around for a number of years and has a large developer base. Very stable.
(plus) Built in AJAX integration using pure Java