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2A) Independent tool releases before general QA

  • A general Sakai 2.7 feature release by April 2010, the general QA of which will begin before the end of 2009. It may include new tools reviewed by the Product Council.
  • Independent releases of Forums, Tests & Quizzes, and other tools prepared to work in this way before the beginning of general QA. (these tool releases should be intended to work against Kernel 1.1.x)
  • New tool releases must meet a set of criteria before the beginning of general QA, or the release team may be obliged to include a prior stable version of the tool instead.
  • The responsibility of organizing release management, QA and documentation for these independent tool releases will fall to the respective project team, although it's expected that other members of the community will be called upon to help.


2B) Two feature releases over the next 10-12 months (4)

  • A 2.7 release which prioritizes lightweight refinements to existing functional components (i.e. components/tools already present in 2.6) by the end of 2009. This may include significant new capabilities if they can be worked through the Product Council process in time, and are not judged by the release team to put the deadline in serious jeopardy.
  • A 2.8 release which will include new tools and other significant new capabilities reviewed by the product council, but scoped to allow full testing and delivery by May 2010 (5)

3)2.5 and 2.6 maintenance releases, the number, scope and timing of each to be determined by the release management team

4) Supporting Kernel (K1) releases, the number, scope and timing of each to be determined by the kernel team, while the release management team determines the kernel version to which a given Sakai release will bind

35) The product manager will:

  • Shepherd the review and planning process up until code freeze
  • Work with the release management team to identify issues that need to go to the product council
  • Work with the release management team to produce an achievable published plan for the release(s)
  • Serve as liaison between the release management team and product council

46) The product council will: