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  • Release Proposal 2009

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  • Initial members will include Pete Peterson (the Release Manager (Anthony Whyte), QA Director ), Anthony Whyte (Community Liaison(Pete Peterson), and a recruited 2.7 branch manager (TBD)
  • These initial 3 members will in turn propose to the community a formal process by which others may be recruited to this team, and a published decision-making process
  • This team will be empowered to make operational decisions about release management, up to excluding new code for QA or technical reasons
  • Security-related issues that impact release planning and timing will be managed jointly by in close consultation with the Security WG and release management team

2) Two releases over the next 10-12 months (4)

  • A 2.7 release which is limited to lightweight refinements to existing functional components (i.e. components/tools already present in 2.6) by the end of 2009
  • A 2.8 release which may include new tools and other significant new capabilities reviewed by the product council, but scoped to allow full testing and delivery by May 2010. (5)
  • 2.5 and 2.6 maintenance releases, the number, scope and timing of each to be determined by the release management team
  • Supporting Kernel (K1) releases, the number, scope and timing of each to be determined by the kernel team, while the release management team determines the kernel version to which a given Sakai release will bind.

3) The product manager will:


  1. An initial review of proposed new features (7)
    • determine which will need to go to the product council (and these will generally be for 2.8)for review
    • identify where more documentation is needed from development teams, and communicate this out
    • make an initial risk assessment of various projects which can inform test planning (e.g. riskier changes may receive earlier QA focus)
    • establish realistic freeze dates for 2.7, based on time needed for QA, availability of resource, etc.
  2. The initial members of the release management team will work to propose (to the community) formal processes for how its decisions will be made and how members may be recruited
  3. The product manager will document significant changes for 2.7-2.8, and coordinate their review by the product council.