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As more and more diverse ways of using Sakai emerge, one need that clearly popped up is the fact that Sakai has a hard time dealing with standards. This BOF is a way for people involved with SCORM players to share practices and develop a strategy.


Mathieu Plourde, University of Delaware

Day, Time, Location

Wednesday, 2:10 to 3:00 p.m., BOF room 1 (TBD) (NEW TIME)


Multiple Audiences

Planning to attend? Add your name here!Attendees' List

  • Mathieu Plourde(
  • Mark J. Norton(
  • Kirk Alexander (
  • Robert Gérin-Lajoie (
  • Rich Pirozzi (
  • Jeff Kahn (
  • Chris Davia (
  • Charles Severance (
  • Adam Hauerwas (
  • Terry O'Heron (
  • Jason Hollins (
  • Margaret Ricci (
  • SRI (question) (
  • Drew Podwal (will be in NY can I attend remotely? - No, sorry, will keep you in the loop)

1. Current SCORM/IMS CC Engines and Initiatives


7. Some Notes

  • Icodeon's business model is to accept all different version of SCORM objects, as imperfect as they might be.
  • IMS Common Cartridge is a standard that includes SCORM. A platform that supports IMS CC would still need a SCORM engine to run SCORM objects.
  • IMS and ADL don't always play nice with one another.
  • Angel is the perfect IMS model LMS.
  • UC Davis is interested in making the SCORM Player better but has its hands full with the new Gradebook right now.
  • rSmart has developed the Icodeon connector for Sakai.