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SakaiAdminX uses an embedded Derby database to store some configuration information, as well as acting as a cache for the heaviest queries. It runs in embedded mode which is very lightweight.

You could, however, use MySQL or Oracle if you prefer and you will just need to adjust your settings and use the appropriate drivers in place of the Derby ones. SakaiAdminX ships with DB scripts for both Derby and MySQL. If you want to run SakaiAdminX on Oracle, you might need to tweak the scripts - if you do, send them to me for inclusion in the release. All SAL in SakaiAdminX should be database independant.independent.

The following is for those who wish to use Derby, if you are using MySQl/Oracle, you can skip this section - BUT, make sure you populate your database with the included scripts.

Download, install and configure Apache Derby


Code Block
ij> run 'SAKAIADMINX-SRC/sql/derby-sakaiadminx-v1.0.sql';
ij> exit;