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  1. Change to your sakai source directory (e.g. /opt/<sakai-src>/)
  2. Run Checkout the most recent stable version (in this case 0.9)
    svn checkout blogwow
    1. subversion will create a blogwow directory for you, you can use any directory name you like, just change the last blogwow into the word you want.
  3. Add entity broker project (required)
    1. Checkout entity broker 1.0 3.3 (or highest tag) into your sakai source directory (use subclipse or the command below)
      svn co entity-broker3.3/ entitybroker
    2. Build entity broker using maven sakai from within the entity-broker entitybroker folder
      • If you are using maven 2 then run mvn clean install sakai:deploy
  4. Change to blogwow source directory (e.g. /opt/<sakai-src>/blogwow)
  5. Run maven sakai
  6. Start tomcat and check the log for errors, there should be none if all jars were downloaded and installed correctly