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  • 07_31_2008 EvalSys Team Meeting (Adobe Connect)

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  • U-M: performance profiling and email generation; functional testing status
    • Some new development on the tool
    • Planning roll out university-wide
    • Ability to present multiple instructors in a single evaluation
    • Consolidated email approach - changed some of the logic in the core tool to handle email the way U-M would like
    • Functional testing starting this week; in general things are going okay
    • Still dealing with issues of exchanging data between PeopleSoft and Sakai
    • Decision to participate will be put on the departments; some departments will mandate that all faculty will be evaluated
    • Multiple evaluation windows - Pharmacy School evaluates classes every week (bad news is it is coming up in a few weeks, good news is use is low so they can find bugs before university-wide rollout); Engineering mid-term evaluations; full-campus roll-out at end of semester; Process needs to begin in October timeframe
    • Question about how data is used for faculty review: Depends on department and how they use the data; sensitive issue
    • Michigan's branch is CT-623
  • Open issues:
    • MyEvaluations screen performance (see prior meeting notes)
      • Aaron and Rick have looked at Maryland's solution and issue is resolved with Maryland's solution
    • Student login and response submissions
      • Aaron and Rick have looked at Maryland's solution and issue is resolved with Maryland's solution

3. Plans for the Fall (20 minutes)

  • U-M: Full campus rollout outOthers?
  • Maryland: Continued full university-wide deployment adding more colleges with college level items; possibly adding department level items with a few departments

4. Next Steps/Action Items (5 minutes)

  • process for handling new requirements (e.g. option to separate responses from responder immediately)?
    • Discussing new requirements on email; if more in depth discussions required, probably should include mock-ups on the confluence site
    • Separating responses from responder came up in email
    • Adding TA role for defining items in the evaluation
    • UI for managing levels of the hierarchy
  • Understanding all the new system settings and what they do
  • Regional meeting opportunity (Virginia Tech)?