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  • Josh Baron Sakai Webinar (June 18, 2009)

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Q: Can you speak a little more to the SIS integration process?
Q: Was your previous CMS integrated with your SIS?  Did you create course sites for every course or only on request?  Has that changed with Sakai?
Q: What built-in modules are in Sakai to import SIS data from SIS systems? Are there built-in modules (e.g. LDAP) that can authenticate logins from an SIS source in real time? Discover enrollments in the SIS source system?
A: Sakai is typically integrated with the campus SIS. There is documentation about this

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The Sakai wiki contains information about integrating other systems with Sakai.

Q: Does Sakai integrate with other 3rd party products such as Wimba, eInstruction, Respondus?
A: Yes, Sakai integrates with a variety of products.  Wimba, Respondus, Elluminate, TurnItIn, SoftChalk, Zimbra and DSpace all have integrations with Sakai. Stanford is working on an integration with Sharestream.