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  • 2009-03-09 Conference Call

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  1. Sakai/OSP 2.6 Issues and Status
    • SAK-15812 Unable to add evaluators to a matrix cell. New bug fixed.
    • SAK-15579 Supporting files for template based portfolios not making it through to the browser. Fixed
    • SAK-15722 Sort order
    • SAK-15734 NPE Not reproducible in latest release, so Beth closed it.
    • SAK-15736 NPE tomcat 5.5.27 Known problem. There is a workaround – Anthony will update release notes.
    • SAK-15813 New Saturday Sean FCKeditor free form portfolio item plugin does not work. Only place it occurs is freeform portfolio.
    • SAK-15348 Imported Matrices do not retain links to global forms. Chris Mauer is looking at this. Affects Indiana.
    • SAK-15276 Edit links appears for all reviewers/evaluators on feedback/evaluation, though they cannot edit. Assigned to Noah. Also a delete issue.
    • SAK-15540 Matrix in "Preview" status is unavailable to users. Beth sent out an email with a proposal, but didn't get any response. Beth will get it in either this week or next. Beth will put her proposal on the Jira ticket.
    • Sean has verified the following fixes: SAK-14998, SAK-14884, SAK-14637, SAK-14635
    • Sean couldn't address these: SAK-15553 - not running Oracle, SAK-15236 - or DB2, SAK-14995 - DB2 again
    • SAK-14781 Create a portfolio based off of a previewed matrix, then publishing, breaks the portfolio. Form data from previewed matrix still hangs around and is still visible in portfolios created from the previewed matrix. Is this the behavior we want? It is a problem that forms created in preview mode are still checked when a change to a form is validated. Data entered into the "deleted" (actually orphaned) form can prevent a form from having its schema updated. This should be written up as a separate Jira.
    • Lynn has started work on document on IU's changes. She would like us to get the conversation started again. Next week IU will do a walkthrough as a refresher. A number of changes to the matrix tool. Additional permissions.
  2. Sakai/OSP 2.7 and beyond Development Status