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  • Board Minutes 2008 June 19

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UX: Michael is in conversation with Nathan regarding splitting his time between Fluid and Sakai.

Manager's meetings: A brief report was given on the ongoing Manager's meetings. One of the thoughts coming out of these meetings is to run two tracks in parallel (2.6 and 3.0), much in the same way that some schools started with Sakai very early and ran off trunk. In order to keep production schools moving forward we need to keep 2.6 moving forward. In general, the board felt it was a good idea to stagger the releases and try to address some of the transformational issues in 3.0. This would reflect the reality of the current situation.

A potential proposal for future funding is been targeted at the 3.0 agenda. This should be added to the agenda for the Paris Board meeting for additional discussion.

Membership options were once again discussed. It was suggested that this also be added to the Paris agenda for final resolution. In the meantime, those points not requiring further discussion will be rolled out by Michael via the various lists

Action: The Board agreed that the membership options that are not in dispute should be rolled out. These include three-year options for schools, as well as new funding strategy for SCAs.

Board working groups: Michael suggested that several smaller working groups be formed to deal with day-to-day project related issues as well as strategic direction for the Foundation. Michael suggested a proposal to get the board started. The Board generally liked the idea of working groups but felt that perhaps additional people would be needed to work on them.

Educause 2008: There will be a community source ED panel session at Educause, as well as a community source reception as was done at the last Educause meeting. Mary will investigate the opportunity for a face-to-face board meeting at Educause to take advantage of a majority of the board being in attendance.