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Draft candidate from SakaiCamp 2018


  • UPgrade JSF (big Samigo implications)
  • Prepare Lessons to be more agile


  •  Rubrics
  •  Contributions from Dayton, UVa, and Western
  •  Instructor controlled "open" vs "closed" access not just per site, but more granularly, per tool
  •  Continue modularizing, reduce "sakai" toolset in favor of LTI tools
  •  Re-architect to deploy in the cloud, auto-scale in the cloud
  •  Release schedule change?
  •  Resources - updated interface, doc/image preview, persistent links (won't break when moved to different folder)
  •  Google Docs Integration - Check out Scriba - Google Docs
  •  Google Groups Integration
  •  Turnitin LTI from Western Ontario (has been running in prod for 1 year). 
  •  Drag and Drop on All Upoad tools
  •  Drag and Drop for all list of things (reordering)
  •  Box / S3 / Azure ....
  •  thing on the right side of the editor (Canvas picker aka Entity Linker)
  •  configuration on the fly within Sakai (Earle) - new tool. (will allow tool descriptions to be edited)
  •  surface a different selection of tools based on a site properties (NYU)
  •  add tool config to DB
  •  better description of tools (in Edit Tools)
  •  merge edit tools and page order & merge groups and add participants (Western)
  •  disentangle site description from home page text (Western) 
  •  remove the word sakai from UI (Western and others?)
  •  site stats admin summarising tool usage over whole system (Matt Clare)
  •  improved reading lists (see below)
  •  put more text into Elastic Search (Earle), event data in ES
  •  search box in top bar (or floating search bar)
  •  drive distribute cache model home by removing clustered event model (no more local caches)
  •  improve search so it's easy to search within one tool
  •  improve what happens when you click on the results of a search


Out of Scope

New/Enhanced Capabilities

SummaryJIRA / GitHubNotes and next steps
Tool Responsiveness  (in terms of responsive ui) 

Each Sakai tool needs to be Responsive. Is there a master JIRA for this need?


This could be used as a Master Jira? Might be worth a discussion.


Consistent date / time widget across all tools



Lessonbuilder UI refinements / interactions with other tools



Audio and Video media player embedded within News and Podcasts tool 
Admin UI for properties management
Search and replace of links to files stored in Resources in the current site when a site is duplicatedTBCGo through all tools (except SAMIGO but including Mneme) when duplicating a site - regular and short URLs are edited to point at the corresponding Resource in the new site as site duplication is taking place. Code being committed on behalf of Oxford by Adrian Fish or Miguel Carro Pellicer. (Oxford doesnt use SAMIGO.)
ban use of the word "Sakai" in UI  
Resources (and other tools) as IMS Content Item Tool Provider  
enhancement of anti samy to allow "trusted javascript" to be used allow javascript to be used to provide jstree-based content browsing widget to be added to HTML pages. Also allow a slide show widget to be added to HTML pages
new turnitin LTI (content review) integration Oxford?
Internet2 grouper integration  
Resources document preview NYU
Randomize question/distractors in questions from Samigo quiz parts interface 
Markup text is a great feature of Tests & Quizzes, but instructors are very often left randomizing the questions afterwards - making that one feature the cause for many many clicks, it what was otherwise a simple process (dependent on JSF upgrade)