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  • You can subscribe to filters in Jira and receive an email summary of the filter's contents at a time interval you specify. For those interested in a daily summary of updates in the Sakai project in Jira, you should subscribe to the "Updated in Last 24 Hours" filter, and specify a 24-hour or 1-day time interval. (Note that the time of day when you subscribe is the time of day when Jira will send the digest, so you probably want to subscribe to the filter early one morning.)
  • Jira can also send on-event notification emails, such as whenever an issue is created, updated, resolved, closed, etc. If you are interested in receiving such emails, then please contact

Jira Spring Cleaning
Jira Spring Cleaning
Jira Spring Cleaning

Every year we should resolve out old issues. We default to closing out issues that haven't had any updates more than 3 years ago 3 years. So in 2018 we'd close out anything older than 2015.

This is the JQL to search for these issues. Search for these
updatedDate < "2015/01/01" and project = sak and status in (Open,"Awaiting Review")

Then do a "Bulk Change"
Transition Issues

Select "Won't Fix" as a Resolution and add this comment (updating the date)
Bulk closing issues that have not been updated since 2015 and earlier. Please reopen if this is still an issue and you have new information or if this is a feature you'd like to still have consideration for.