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  •  Rubrics
  •  Assignments refactor
  •  WCAG 2 Accessibility Certification
  •  Instructor controlled "open" vs "closed" access per site/per tool ?  - Can someone explain?
  •  Continue modularizing, reduce "sakai" toolset in favor of LTI tools
  •  xAPI improvements (LRW translates xAPI statements to Caliper, so this has become a higher priority than implementing Caliper). See Miguel Pellicer & an S2U report from 2016 on enhancements.
  •  Re-architect to deploy in the cloud, auto-scale in the cloud
  •  Intuitive easy to use interface (better, stronger,faster)
  •  Quicker or Slower Major releases
  •  Resources - updated interface, doc/image preview, persistent links (won't break when moved to different folder)
  •  Google Docs Integration - Check out Scriba - Google Docs
  •  Google Groups Integration
  •  Turnitin LTI from Western Ontario (has been running in prod for 1 year). 
  •  LTI App Store
  •  LTI Content Item,  CKEditor
  •  LTI Placements
  •  XWiki - - With awesome conversion - (not happening. Alternate solutions? replacement for rWiki)
  •  Drag and Drop on All Upoad tools
  •  Drag and Drop for all list of things (reordering)
  •  OAEDrive Integration 
  •  Box / S3 / Azure ....
  •  thing on the right side of the editor (Canvas picker aka Entity Linker)
  •  Commons (Noodle)
  •  Bullhorn (Noodle)
  •  configuration on the fly within Sakai (Earle) - new tool. (will allow tool descriptions to be edited)
  •  surface a different selection of tools based on a site properties (NYU)
  •  add tool config to DB
  •  course management configuration (Earle) (replaces sakora)
  •  better description of tools (in Edit Tools)
  •  merge edit tools and page order & merge groups and add participants (Western)
  •  disentangle site description from home page text (Western) 
  •  remove the word sakai from UI (Western and others?)
  •  site stats admin summarising tool usage over whole system (Matt Clare)
  •  improved reading lists (see below)
  •  put more text into Elastic Search (Earle), event data in ES
  •  search box in top bar (or floating search bar)
  •  drive distribute cache model home by removing clustered event model (no more local caches)
  •  tagging Service. Samigo Tag, search and reuse questions.  
  •  refactor elastic Search to allow multi Index
  •  improve search so it's easy to search within one tool
  •  improve what happens when you click on the results of a search
  •  Samigo Exceptions
  •  Pluggable Content Review Implementations
  •  Chat tool upgraded frontend and backend (jgroups)



Out of Scope

  • Fully implement Caliper. It was considered but can not be implemented at this time
  • 95% of the idea of "Dashboard" is dead. (Dashboard goes back to contrib)