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The Apereo Teaching and Learning (T&L) Group meets regularly to identify areas of interest and individuals who would like to contribute to working in these areas over the coming year. 

All Apereo community members are welcome on these calls.

If you are interested in subscribing to one of the related Apereo mailing lists, please refer to the Communications Page. If you have questions or topics you want to present or hear, please email one of the meeting facilitators.

Meet the Teaching and Learning Call Facilitators

Matt Burgess, University of Virginia

Matt Burgess
University of Virginia

Neil Caidin, Apereo Foundation

Neil Caidin
Apereo Foundation

Trisha Gordon

Trisha Gordon
University of Virginia

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Table of Contents

Meeting Logistics

We are currently meeting on scheduled Wednesdays from 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM (1000 - 1100) Eastern Time (New York). If you are in a time zone that prevents you from participating during this time, please contact any of the meeting facilitators to discuss other ways of participating.

Join Meetings via Web Conference and Etherpad

We use Big Blue Button as the online meeting space and Etherpad to capture attendees and meeting notes.

  1. Join the Web Conference
    1. Join Big Blue Button (hosted by
    2. Choose Room 2 from the pop-down.
    3. Enter the password (join the ApereoTL email list or contact any of the meeting facilitators for the password).
    4. For audio by phone, dial: (352) 327-4267 or (855) 215-5935 (United States toll-free), then enter 27616# as the conference PIN number.
  2. Sign into Etherpad by clicking the hyperlinked Agenda topic in the Upcoming Meeting Schedule (at right).

Upcoming Meeting Schedule & Agenda Topics

DateAgenda - Click Topic to Sign Into EtherpadSpeaker & Affiliation
Jan 13 Loading Official Photos into Sakai Profiles  Drew Ray & Chandni Saxena, Wake Forest
Jan 27

Canceled in lieu of SakaiCamp 2016

Feb 3SakaiCamp HighlightsSakaiCamp attendees
Feb 17Panopto lecture capture integration and demoLela Marshall, University of Virginia

Unscheduled Topics Wishlist

  • Report on the Texas State marketing project of last semester
  • Lessons wishlist/jiras for Chuck Hedrick
  • LEaP (phase 2)
  • Sakai Podcasts and Polls - ??
  • 3rd-party LTI tool demos
    • Blackboard Collaborate (web conferencing)
    • Kaltura (multimedia delivery)
  • Documentation Group update - Wilma (to be scheduled after Sakai 11 code freeze)
  • Neal will put a call to dev list for developers projects
  • Apereo projects (Neal will check w/key project leads)
  • Apereo fellows (Neal will reach out to Ian)
  • Interested in finding someone who has expertise in Open Badges
  • Migrating from Sakai 10 to 11 - from the Early Adopter trenches :-)
  • Ways to structure your syllabus - suggested by Dave E
  • Spending Virtual Conference funds - what are priorities? 

JIRA Teaching and Learning Filter

See table below the Note and Actions table.

Link to 2 minute video showing how to label issues in Jira, that will appear automagically below.