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  • Creating Custom Renderers
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Creating alternate form renderers (custom renderers) for OSP forms can seem like a daunting task. This page contains documentation and support files that will help in learning the process:

  • Creating Custom Renderers.docx This document explains the background you need to understand in order to create alternate form renderers effectively. It also walks you through setting up your environment and creating several custom renderers. In addition, it explains the use of the very helpful xslt-facade (available from Custom XSLT offline with xslt-facade).
  • test-select.xsd This is the schema used for the forms in the tutorials provided in Creating Custom Renderers.
  • passthrough.xsl This file is necessary for generating the "passthrough" data that your custom renderer will be manipulating. Instructions for its use are given in Creating Custom Renderers.
  • myform_passthrough.xml Simple passthrough data that can be used with the tutorials.
  • mycustomrenderer.xsl The "creation renderer" created in the first tutorial.
  • myviewrenderer.xsl The "view renderer" created in the last tutorial.
  • testcss.css The CSS for the creation renderer.
  • testviewcss.css The CSS for the view renderer.
  • A collection of XSD files that exercise virtually all permutations of OSP schema elements. This collection is indispensable for learning both about XSD creation and custom renderers.
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