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Course and Site Structure Patterns

The following are course and site structure patterns that have emerged from user research at several universities and their composite schools/departments. As best possible, these finding are from the instructor/student point of view.


We invite your feedback in the form of comments on the patterns listed below.
Also, we would like to know if other institutions have these patterns. If your institution has one of these patterns, or (better yet) had an example document you could attach or we could link to, that would be very helpful (e.g. the Stanford links)

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  1. I'm not sure what your deadlines are for feedback, so I thought I'd give you something now even though it's not much.

    I'm not an expert in the permutations of all UCLA course patterns, but from what I've seen in our small pilot, you appear to have covered the patterns that I'm aware of. I've recently updated UCLA's Institutional Mappingssection to describe the enterprise data we're currently working with and how it maps to the existing site and group APIs in Sakai 2.1.1.

    In our pilot we've had course offerings composed of single sections using a single site, and one instance of cross-listing between subject areas.

  2. Seems to be well worked out, but indeed you might be missing the European/UK/SA perspective here.
    Dont know where I should put this...
    I have reviewed also
    But still i have problem... which is (slightly?) related.
    Check out the attach. Essentially the current naming schema (we use Sakai 2.2.0) for course sites is not quite fit at all for us, here in the Netherlands. Our courses have a title and a six-digit code, that's it. Teachers and TA's know them by heart, and would like to fill them in.... But right now this is not possible.
    I will leave this same comment on JIRA.