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Assistant Professor of History
Overwhelmed Adopter


Amanda is passionate about the preservation of Civil War battlefields.   She belongs to the Civil War Preservation Society and has witnessed the decline and disappearance of these landmarks as a result of development.  She hopes that her first book, "Endangered Heritage", will call attention to the historical value of these relics from America's past. 

This summer she traveled to Gettysburg and captured alot of images.  She has started a collection of a few hundred slides and is considering using them as illustrations for her new book.  Amanda keeps all of her photographs in a slide drawer and organizes them by location and by caputure date.

Amanda periodically includes a few slides in her lectures to help highlight ideas and intends to use some of her Gettysburg slides in her upcoming course, "US History: Civil War".   Along with her own slides, Amanda will sometimes use slides from the Art History Visual Resource Collection's photography from the Civil War to complement her own collection.  For one of her lectures, she will discuss the role terrain played in the disastruous infantry assault, Pickett's Charge.  She has taken many photographs of this site, and is eager to show them to her class. 

This past semester, Amanda started to include her images used in lecture as course materials on her online course site.  She asks her GSI to scan her slides into Powerpoint presentations and upload them into the resources area of the site.   Amanda would prefer not to have a course site, but her students find it convenient.   Amanda has considered buying a digital camera to avoid the nuisance of digitizing her slides, but she is comfortable with her "old school" Nikon and does not want to readjust. 

Although Amanda is interested in enriching her student's education, she is primarily concerned about obtaining tenure.  She'd like to do use digital images but she is concerned about publishing her book.  Amanda is not a natural at technology and finds that it takes her awhile to learn new things.  She hopes that once her book is published she can take more technology oriented faculty training courses. 

  • Accomplish tasks more efficiently.
  • Not feel stupid.
  • Easily find images that support her research.
  • Provide quality material that help her students learn.
Level of Expertise

Basic skills.

  • Office products
  • Web browser
  • Email
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