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I have offered training on Sakai services and tool development since the first Sakai Conference in 2004. Since that time, the size of Sakai has grown considerably and it's difficult to know where to start. I have created a set of workshops and training designed to help developers and other people get the information they need to effectively work with Sakai.

These workshops are offered in a variety of configurations and can be customized to meet your needs. They are offered in one, two, or three day formats in both lectures and hands-on development exercises. Hundreds of people have worked through these examples and presentations which are refined and kept up to date with respect to the latest Sakai releases.

Work Outline




Sakai Ver.

Training Workshops




Sakai Training Curriculum

The list of all available training presentations.



Sakai JSF Development WS

Hands on tool development using JSF.



Sakai RSF Development WS

Hands on tool development using RSF.



Sakai Deep Technology WS

A deep look into Sakai and its framework services.



Sakai System Integration WS

Developing software and provider presentations.



Sakai CLE Admin TrainingAdmin Training. 2.8

CDROM Material

Up to date for System Integration WS.



Training Tools




Tool Organization

Documentation on Sakai tool organization



JSF Exercises




Simple Tool




Notes Tool

In progress, pending JSF bug.



RSF Exercises




Ex0 - Hello

Hello world and cloning.



Ex1 - Content

Text and content display.



Ex2 - Tables

Tables, lists, layout.



Ex3 - Links

Navigation and links.



Ex4 - Forms

GET form example.



Ex5 - Notes

(no code example yet)


Integration Exercise




Members Tool

Show members of a group.



Members Database

Lost due to theft of laptop. Needs re-building.


Portal Examples




The Jupiter Portal

A simple training portal.



Component Dashboard

Tools to display all components.

(tick) 2.3


Session Dashboard

Tool to display all sessions.

(tick) 2.3


Tool Dashboard

Tool to display all tools.

(tick) 2.3


Special Presentations




Sakai Core Models

See also Vancouver



Additional Notes




RSF Development

Notes on RSF development and creating training materials.



RSF Wiki

Official RSF Documentation.



JSF Debugging

Notes on debugging applications that use JSF.



MyFaces Notes

Notes specific to the MyFaces implementation of JSF.



MySQL Notes

Notes on how to work with MySQL database server.



JSF Example

Analysis of the example code distributed in the JSF module of Sakai.



Training Notes

Early Training Notes Daily Training Notes



Training Environment




Sakai Kernel Bundle

(deprecated, no longer supported)



Sakai Training Environment

Getting out of date



Future Possibilities




Sakai Service Development WS




Advanced Tool Development





While I am willing to share my work on understanding the Sakai environment, the software and training presentations that result from this work are the intellectual property of Nolaria Consulting. Please respect the work that I've put into this by not copying or distributing the information contained in these pages.

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