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  • Overview of Tool Development using JSP
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Teaser - 1 Hour Webinar

xx.x  Introduction to Sakai Application Development

First Day - 2 Hour Webinar

00.5 Course Overview, Instructor Introduction

02.2 Sakai Development

03.3  Installing the Development Environment

01.2  Architecture Overview

08.1  JSP Introduction

08.2  Sakai Applications using JSP

Second Day - 2 Hour Webinar

08.3  JSP Simple Examples (Hello, Tables, etc.)

08.4  JSP Interactive Examples (Forms)

08.5  JSP Advanced Example (Notes)

06.2  Overview of Sakai Services

29.2  Open Source Software Development

Reflection, Q&A



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  1. Hi -


    I am a just started developer on Sakai CLE and I would be interested in joining this webinar.

    Can I please be told on how I can join this webinar?



    1. Thank you for your interest, Arun.

      The situation is this.  Several years ago, I offered Sakai technical training.  Interest dropped, so I stopped giving the presentations.  As such, the presentations got out of date with respect to Sakai.  I am updating the presentations and development materials.  That will take a few weeks, I think.

      I will start a list and add you to it as people interested in this course.  You'll be notified when we give the course.