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Welcome to the Personal Project Pages for Mark J. Norton.

At any given point in time, I'm involved in many different projects, some under contract, others that I'm doing for my own enjoyment or learning. I'd like to use this space to share some of that work with you. Feel free to comment any page, but I'd rather you didn't change the page contents without talking to me first.

Active Projects

IMS-BLTI - Notes on using IMS's Basic Learning Tool Interoperability specification in Sakai.
SoftChalk - SoftChalk development notes, etc.

Background Projects

Sakai Training Project - Deep Technology, JSF and RSF Tool Development, etc. Out of Date
Sousa - Page Object Sequencer - Tools for sequencing any content maintained by Sakai. Unsupported

Et Cetera

Project Ideas - A place to keep proposed and possible projects.
Old Projects - The graveyard of completed or abandoned projects.


Off-line Sakai - Synchronization allows Sakai to work off-line.
Collaboration Folios - Using shared information to collaborate.
Comparing Presentation Technologies - An exploration of various presentation technologies.

Features Sakai Lacks w.r.t BlackBoard

  • multi-institutional support
  • formula tools in the gradebook
  • No labels