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One of the keys to improving the Sakai UX for Sakai 3 is to surface and re-use subsets of tool content and interaction capabilities via "widgets", rather than only through the monolithic tools' "pages". (For more about Sakai 3, visit the 3akai demo server.) The Authoring Working Group in Sakai has been discussing over the last several weeks what tool content it would be good to make available in this new way, and has compiled a table listing suggested tools and content on which to focus. Meanwhile, Anthony Whyte, with assistance of others in the community, has put together a technical how-to for developers describing the general principles behind adding RESTful access to tools in order to enable these new UX approaches.

So now the question becomes one of finding interested volunteers on the existing tool projects or in the community in general who can help out. As you can see from the last column in the table there are already a couple tools being worked on, however, there are a lot more – including ones that didn't come up in discussion yet – that need volunteers. If you are interested in helping out with this effort, please contact me.

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