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Over the last several months a number of new Contrib Projects have been initiated in Sakai. Contrib projects are tools being built for Sakai outside of the regular release, as they often represent new ideas and code that are still being designed and developed, and which aren't necessarily ready for broad, robust, production deployment. As the concepts mature, the tools solidify, and the community gains interest and experience in using them, they may move on to being Provisional or Core projects and be included in future releases of Sakai. So give these tools a try and let the developers know what you think!

  • CalDAV: This is really more about a service being added to Sakai than a new tool per se. This effort is working to provide CalDAV support in Sakai, so that Sakai events can be stored and manged through an external CalDAV-compliant repository. The initial work is targeted at integration with Zimbra.
  • News Feeds: A feed aggregator tool for Sakai. It offers aggregation of user-specified feeds or selection of feeds from an institutionally-configured list. It also supports BASIC/DIGEST authentication and attachments.
  • Email Template Service: This is more of a service than a tool. It provides localizable and internationalizable email templates that can be used by other Sakai tools that are updated to use this service.
  • Learning Log: A derivation of the Blog tool aimed at pedagogies where reflective learning takes center stage.
  • My Sakai: A collection of widgets (Mac DashBoard, Vista Sidebar, Facebook, iGoogle, Google Desktop, and RSS) that enable you to track what's going on in your Sakai sites' Announcements and Resources, without having to go to Sakai directly.
  • Simple Page Tool: This tool allows users to create simple pages in sites using the WYSIWYG editor to put behind a button in the left-hand menu. The editor provides a file-picker for Resources, so that these pages can easily link to things in Resources. It is also possible to add as many instances of the Simple Page Tool to a site as you would like, and to give each page (and button linking to it) its own name.
  • Wimba Integration: This effort is focused on providing the necessary glue code to support easy Sakai-Wimba integration.
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