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Sakai 2.5.0 Release Process Notes

The Release Process in Sakai 2.5.0 was done from the branch where there is a shell script that runs the release process.
This uses a modified pack-demo/pom.xml that generates the pack-bin targets as well as the pack-demo targets.

The script also generates
maven repositrory with soruces, binary, test sources
source tarball

The script performs the following steps

clean out previous builds
clean out target, m2-target, bin
clean out /tmp/maven2

replacing the M2 version with the release version in
all pom.xml 
all .classpath

tar up the source

perform the following sequence 
in master mvn install
mvn -Ppack-demo install -Dkeystore=${location}/Sakai.keystore -Dalias=sakai -Dstorepass=${KEYSTOREPASS}
mvn install source:jar source:test-jar deploy -Dkeystore=${location}/Sakai.keystore -Dalias=sakai -Dstorepass=${KEYSTOREPASS}
mvn javadoc:javadoc
mvn -Ptaglib taglib:taglibdocjar deploy

where ${KEYSTOREPASS} is the keysotre password and Sakai.keystore contains the certificates.

then package up
the maven repo in /tmp/maven2
the javadoc
the sakai-demo and sakai-bin artifacts
the taglibsdocs


To invoke you should do

patch samigo/samigo-audio/pom.xml

@@ -20,7 +20,6 @@
-    <!--
@@ -33,14 +32,10 @@
-           <keystore>/somepath/your.keystore</keystore>
-           <alias>youralias</alias>
-           <storepass>yourpassword</storepass>
-    -->

sh 2.5.0 storepassword

where storepassword is the password for the keystore

commit the changes to the poms to the tag, so SVN contains the correct versions.

and then send the tarballs and zips in /tmp/sakairelease to the sakai website.

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