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  • Newport Beach Winter Conference BOF
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David Haines coordinated this BOF to discuss the future of Worksite Setup. Below we'll describe the reasons this discussion makes sense now and some ideas for the future.

The University of Michigan is exploring the idea of coordinating a rewrite of the Site tools, but we need to know what folks need the Site tools to do and who may be willing to help. We'd like to collect use cases (no longer than 1 paragraph) by the end of January 2008 to determine the scope of the changes and the availability of resources. Anyone who wants add a use case or scenario should feel free to add them to this page.

Problem Statement

  • Many jira requirements and bugs filed against worksite setup
  • Code has evolved and after many changes over the years is extremely brittle making it difficult, if even possible, to make changes to current code base
  • Many schools don't use current site setup wizard because of support concerns
  • Current workflow doesn't work well for everyone.  Many institutions customize WS.  Everytime changes are made to the code base, those customizations need to be redone -- much work!
  • User confusion between Worksite setup, site info, membership & sites
  • Instructors think of site setup as more than just the configuration. In the recent Fluid UX Walkthroughs from an instructors perspective, it was not clear what to do next after going through the site creation process.

Current Functionality

(needs completing JRN)


Worksite Setup

Site Info


Site creation




Site configuration




Site reuse




Site navigation




Needs:  Scenarios of Use

  • Templates for the department - Institution department wants to use templates for site creation to save work in setting up courses and assure consistency across sites within department.
  • Collaborative site creation over time - Instructors and TAs may collaborate on site creation and population.  Some sort of "site shell" setup with a checklist of what's been done, who did it and what's left to do could help with the collaboration.
  • Templates for different teaching styles - help instructors understand the best tools, etc. for their site based on how they teach and other appropriate factors.
  • Consider tool configuration. Some tools have properties that they need to expose, and typically these need to be done via the Sites tool, or its hard coded as in the case of web content. This is confusing and cumbersome. It would be nice if the worksite setup tool could collect tool configuration as part of its workflow when a tool is added to a site.
  • Templates for site properties associated with site types. Sometimes certain types of sites need site properties configured that control other behaviour. It would be nice to have to wired into the workflow, rather than having to go into the sites tool.
  • Worksite Setup does not make it clear which sites are visible in tabs and which are hidden by the navigation. See our mockup for a redesigned Worksite Setup screen which addresses this and a few other issues. The "H" after the "Course Name" represents a Hidden Site, and would most likely be replaced with a graphical icon. See Sakai More Tab Design for more information.
  • Users with many sites sometimes use Worksite Setup as a way to find and navigate to their sites.
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