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About the market data

The Sakai Community has licensed a set of LMS market data from, a peer review service run by a research firm called Info-Tech. This market data is available for us to publish publicly, so it can be shared widely within and beyond the Sakai community. Already, some of this data appears on More will be featured there in the future.

Why do we need market data?

Market data helps us understand our competitors and customers better. It also allows us to evaluate the impact of our various investments in Sakai, determine the effectiveness of our strategy for Sakai's evolution, and identify areas in which we could differentiate ourselves better from competing LMS platforms. Market data can also be useful as you seek to make the case for Sakai at your institution.

For additional context, here's video from Joshua Wilson's presentation at Open Apereo 2019:

What are the basic takeaways from the market data?

  • Sakai is an acknowledged market leader, according to's independent analysis of the LMS market.

  • Results indicate Sakai's leadership in product and customer experience especially.

  • There are many areas of marked leadership, and many others in which there’s no difference between LMS platforms.

What awards has Sakai won?

Sakai has won several awards, below, for its performance in this market research study.

What kinds of market data are available?

Product and vendor data (released November 2019)

This data visualized below compares Sakai's capabilities and the effectiveness of Sakai providers (both institutions and vendors) to those of competitors. Additional product and vendor results can be found in the November 2019 LMS Data Quadrant Report (PDF).




Customer experience data (released March 2019)

The data visualized below describes Sakai's customer and user experience compared to that of competitors. Additional customer experience results can be found in the LMS Customer Experience ("Emotional Footprint") Report (PDF).

Sakai product scorecard

The November 2019 Sakai product scorecard report (PDF) assembles all of the results about Sakai. It includes product, vendor, and customer experience results.

Head to Head reports

Each of the following head to head reports (released March 2019) compares Sakai to one of its competitors.

Methodology: How was this data collected?

Info-Tech, the analysis company behind softwarereviews.comrecruits respondents and we in the Sakai community have recruited some as well.  InfoTech then discards some reviews from respondents that they don't consider sufficiently knowledgeable according to their criteria.

For more background, here's another clip from Open Apereo 2019: