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Working group created at Sakai Conference 2012 Atlanta for ideas and work on improving assignments.

<TODO: Fill in Notes from session>


Sakai 2012 Conference Meeting around Assignments & Assignments2.!digest.action?sid=1102

Atlanta Tower 1401

Previous gap analysis should be re-evaluated to determine how to decommission Assignments (people will move to Assignments2 when parity is reached) so that development efforts can be combined on Assignments2.

A couple of people in the room suggested they might be able to hire Longsight on behalf of the community to build certain features. But they don't even 

Question 1 hour in: Is there an offical roadmap here? (Laughter).

Someone suggested typepad to add email addresses. Someone else remembered newbies can't find anything because we don't use same resources. Megan May, IU, suggested a hybrid. Here is the list of people showed interest during the BOF and offline.


  • Coalesce support
  • Communicate out to create priorities out of Differences Between Assignments & Assignments 2
  • Identify resources (money, people) to close gaps.
  • Define Assignments roadmap and 'finish line' when development resources will be then re-allocated towards Assignment2.
  • Move community resources to Assignments2.
  • Move forward en masse with development in Assigments2.



On Jun 13, 2012, at 5:47 AM, Adam Marshall wrote:
Oxford intends to be working on Assignments 2 to bring it in line with Assignments 1. We will start work in the next couple of months so we'd be VERY interested in planning this with other interested parties..



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  1. I'm down. Please keep me posted.

    Alan Regan, Pepperdine University

    Feature Requests:

    • Group assignments
    • Peer review assignments
    • An option to leave the "grading" area without saving anything (for professors that work F2F with TAs to review submissions and not overwrite one another)
    • Download Lite - flatter .zip archive (e.g. SAK-19147 - Getting issue details... STATUS ) to help professors that want to get everything and just read
    • Comments from Assignments reflected in Gradebook (partially addressed in Assignments2)
    • Anonymous grading (e.g. professor has 3 TAs and wants TA to grade but not see the student name of submitter). Even professor not seeing names but has option at end to reveal names.
    • Per Tonco, ability to tag, flag, or assign sets of students to a reviewer, e.g. TA "Jill" is assigned to students with last names A-C, and this becomes filterable so Jill can see her students to grade quickly and professor can review their work quickly
    • Rubrics manager attached to assignments so professors can share the rubric to students and quickly grade by clicking on cells and it adds up the values in end