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Who are we?

Or perhaps: Who are you? What are you working on? What are you interested in?

This page is a way to find out Who is Who in the Sakai UX community with the hope that it will make it easier for us to communicate and collaborate.

If you do User Experience related design, development, research, or project management, please add your name below. 

If you've filled out your profile in confluence, you can link directly to your profile by using [~userid]

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Actively working on

Historically worked on

Interests (in Sakai and UX generally)

Matthew BurgessUniversity of VirginiaUVaCollab User Support Specialist, ITS
  • End user support
  • Communication and outreach
  • Instructional technology
Part of UX Working GroupSupport of UVa's local instance of SakaiUI development; visual design; user research; usability testing; instructional technology
Francesca SocolickNYU Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human DevelopmentUX Researcher/ IA
  • Persona development
  • Information Architecture
  • Content Inventory
  • Usability testing
  • Focus Groups
  • Heuristic Analysis
part of UX Working Group

Usability testing for NYU

other non-Sakai web redesign projects

instructional design & course design projects

Wilma HodgesLongsightDirector of Training and eLearning Initiatives
  • Project Management
  • Documentation
  • User Research
  • Focus Groups
  • Wireframes/mockups
part of UX Working Group

Usability testing for Sakai tools


Instructional design


UI development, visual design, user research, usability testing

Jennifer Loudiana

Walsh UniversityDirector, User Support & Classroom Technology, Information Technology
  • Training
  • Documentation
  • Project Management
  • Faculty Development
  • e learning

part of UX Working Group

part of ATLAS award committee

participate in weekly Teaching & Learning call

Faculty support for Sakai

Sakai upgrades with host partner

Implementing LTI and other tools in Sakai 10

past web design

All areas of usability and testing.

Eli Cochran

UC Berkeley

user experience design manager
front-end developer
member of the product council
accessible design

  • UX Design
  • UX development
    • Javascript, HTML, CSS, Fluid
    • Prototyping

Sakai 3: Users and Groups
usability and accessibility criteria

More Sites
Sakai Skin
Fluid Uploader

accessibility, visual design, jQuery, rapid prototyping and sketching, design process

Keli Amann

Stanford University

User Experience Specialist (user research and design)

  • Interaction design
    • interviewing
    • persona development
  • UI design

Sakai 3: Users and Groups
Tests & Quizzes (SAMigo)

Joined Fall 08

user research, making sure that information about  users are flowing to the right people, social networking and content authoring, [

Daphne Ogle

UC Berkeley

Official:  Senior Interaction Designer
Unofficial:  User advocate

  • Product definition
  • User research & modeling
  • Interaction Design 
  • Product Evaluation
  • Agile development

Sakai 3:  Users and Groups

Sakai tools team (gap analysis, initial reconciliation designs, style guide)

Section Info & Course Management

Sakai Design Patterns

Fluid Design Handbook
Fluid Design Process
Fluid Uploader, Inline Edit, Reorderer

Have touched:  gradebook, roster, announcements, assignments, worksite setup, resources

user research, interaction design, design patterns, UX community, idea and information sharing across the community, accessibility, Fluid component integration, consistency where it makes sense.

Kristol Hancock

Indiana University

Senior Interaction Designer

UI design

Assignments 2

Sakai tools team (gap analysis, initial reconciliation designs, style guide)

Have touched: Chat, Forums, Gradebook, Messages, Podcasts, Resources, Roster, and Syllabus

UX Community to bounce ideas off of and to learn from, designing for a user's goals, making software that is easy and fun to use, Learning more about UX design in general

Mathieu Plourde

University of Delaware

Project Leader, LMS

  • Graphic Design
  • Information architecture
  • Tablet PC prototyping (wink)
  • Some HTML, CSS
  • Teaching and Learning Group.
  • Teaching With Sakai Innovation Award.
  • Conference planning.
  • Authoring initiative.
  • Wiki documentation.

Use cases, user experience, teaching and learning, faculty practices, social media, open education, content authoring, SCORM and standards, technology adoption, training, documentation, and a lot more.

Jacqueline Mai

Stanford University

User Experience Specialist

  • Interaction design
    • interviewing
    • developing persona
    • building wireframes
    • authoring functional specifications
  • UI development
    • some CSS, HTML

Tests & Quizzes (SAMigo)

  • Contributed research to Section Info & Course Management
  • Tests & Quizzes (SAMigo)

All aspects of UX design process esp. visual design and interaction design

Mark Notess

Indiana University

development manager, user experience researcher & designer

  • User Research
    • contextual inquiry / ethnography
    • interviews
    • observations
    • artifact analysis
  • Interaction Design
    • contextual design
    • wireframing
    • design specification
    • testing (user, functional)
  • Project management
  • Requirements analysis
  • Product vision
  • Java, HTML, etc.
  • library functionality in Sakai
  • Sakaibrary
  • General Sakai UX research

Customer focus throughout the organization, user research, experience design, coursonas, social media, teaching & learning, requirements analysis, ethics of systems design, UX process training.
My website.

Nicolaas Matthijs

CARET, University of Cambridge

front-end developer
front-end development lead

  • UX development
    • Javascript, HTML, CSS, Fluid
    • Prototyping


MySakai Widgets

jQuery, rapid prototyping and sketching, visual design, ux improvement, accessibility

Oszkar Nagy

CARET, University of Cambridge

visual / UX designer
front-end developer

  • UX dev / design
  • Javascript
  • graphic design
  • Flash


Joined in February, 2009
Academic Networking - UCD

Some work on 3akai wireframes, visual design and front-end development

Visual design, prototyping, user centered design, affect - HCI, interaction design, bridging design and development

Tjhien Liao

CARET, University of Cambridge

UI designer / UX researcher

  • Design methodology
  • UX research methodology, data gathering and analysis
  • Design for interactions
  • UI design and graphics
  • Rapid prototyping (non digital), Usability and User testing


Sakai ideation, wireframing and design

Academic networking - UCD

User Experience research, HCI, Innovative interactions design in general and all accompanying methodologies.


Jolie TingenDuke UniversityLearning Technology Analyst
  • End user support
  • Documentation
  • User research
  • Project Management
  • HTML, CSS, some PHP and Javascript
Part of UX Working Group
  • Usability testing for Sakai tools
  • Sakai QA
  • Sakai UI Inventory and Style Guide Project
Improving the usability and functionality of Sakai through bettter UX and interaction design; designing for users' goals; requirements analysis; UI development; user research and testing; prototyping.
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