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The Sakai User Experience (UX) Working Group conducts the research, design, and development that shapes the overall Sakai user experience.

This group's goal is for information sharing and to coordinate activities.

The UX group will post announcements and updates to the and email lists.

UX Group Meetings

UX Working Group Monthly Meetings
We are in the process of selecting a day and time to hold our monthly meetings. If you are interested in participating, please fill out the doodle poll at the following link to help us choose our monthly meeting time.

Meetings will be held in Big Blue Button

Big Blue Button (for screen sharing, as needed): 

Use Room 3

Meeting Agendas and Notes
Tues. June 30, 2015
Recent UX Testing Projects

Sub-teams from the UX group may also coordinate more frequent small-group meetings to address specific UX testing or research tasks. Information about recent UX research is available below.

UX Testing at Sakai Virtual Conference 2014

UX Testing at Open Apereo 2015

LEaP UX Testing June/July 2015

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