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Denise begins updating last year's syllabus for the upcoming term

It's July and Denise begins preparing for next semester's Race and Ethnicity in Film course.  Besides updating the logistics for this term, she's decided to add 2 new small assignments to the class to help students better prepare for their big paper.
She begins by "reusing" last terms syllabus which is easy since it's already in the LMS.  Once the outdated syllabus is in her new course site, she can see the system has automatically updated some of the logisitics:

  • Meeting days & time
  • Meeting location 
    The system also takes a stab at mapping last terms dates to this terms dates.  She can see the syllabus laid out in list or calendar view.  For now, she decides to work in list view.  She's pleasantly surprised at how well it does the mapping.  She updates the textbook since there is a new version for this year. 

    She updates the textbook since there is a new version for this year.   After updating the reading list, she begins updating the page numbers for each session.

Denise creates 2 new assignments to begin the term

Last semester Denise noticed that students had a hard time with their first paper so she's decided to ask them to do a critique of an essay as a warm up to start the term off.   She hopes this will also give her a sense of where students need the most help before their first big writing assignment.  Along with the critique, she'd like them to fill out a brief questionnaire about their possible major, their favorite film, and their first memory of race depicted in film.  Another instructor mentioned she used  a survey like this and found it valuable for both her and the students.   She told Denise she could resue it.

She starts with the critique.  From the syllabus, she chooses to Create new assignment. 

She creates the simple critique first by describing what she'd like the students to do.  She sees the due date is already filled in for her based on where she was in the syllabus when she initiated the activity.   Since she has to run to meet a colleague for lunch, she decides to save the critique activity and will come back later to finish it up. 

Once she saves, she can see the new assignment displayed in her syllabus but it doesn't appear to be linked to anything yet.

Denise wants students to turn the survey in by the same day in class so she locates the one her colleague used previously in her Content Drawer and drags it into the syllabus. 


She sees the information is filled in for her based on how her colleague set it up and where she's placing it in the syllabus.  She decides to quickly complete this activity since she still has 20 minutes before class starts.  She reviews the survey, it's settings and sharing capabilities and publishes.

After class Denise finishes creating the critique

After class, she logs bag into Sakai and sees a new TO DO in her TO DO list to "Complete activity creation of Essay Critique".

She opens the to do and is taken to a detailed form for the activity.  She attaches the essay students need to critique and completes the rest of the settings. 

Once she's done, she's taken back to the syllabus and can see the critique listed under week 3's assignments.

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