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  • Sakai 3 Early Adopters Release UX Requirements
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In Progress...

An attempt to capture and organize the priorities and tasks required for the mid-2009 Sakai 3 Early Adopters Release.

Priorities (overall for pages/areas? for requirements, one flag per organization?):
(red star) = Must-have
(star) = Nice-to-have
(green star) = Not necessary for now, but for future phases of Sakai 3
(blue star) = Not necessary (that's a -1, eh? so say why...)

(tick) = done
(warning) = not sure if it will be done (note on why?)
(error) = won't be done

More UX Screens - Top-bar discussion from Monday?
3akai UX Design Review - From Friday's discussion?
1. Main Screen Templates - UXI project work





"Top Bar"



  • Requirements:
    • Dispaly User Identity (user's full name of record? username? alias?)
    • Link to their Dashboard (MySakai)
    • Link to Courses & Sites
    • Link to People
    • Search
    • Link to their messages (Inbox)
    • Link to their connections
    • Link Help
    • Information on number of connections currently on-line (Now Online)
    • Information on number of unread messages (New Messages)
    • Link to Preferences
    • Link to Profile
    • Link to compose a new message
    • Link to find and make a new connection
    • Different options for non-logged-in user and logged-in user; no need for "personal" things for non-logged-in user.
    • Other requirements?

Gateway Page



  • Is current UXI version good enough?
  • Requirements:
    • login?
    • register for new account?
    • welcome notice?
    • link to or Contact information for help/assistance?
    • display fair-use notification or policy statement of some sort?
  • acknowledgments? (i.e., powered by Sakai)




  • Requirements:
    • View list of all connections.
    • Find new connections.
    • View list of on-line connections?
    • View list of off-line connections?
    • What information should be displayed about connections?
      • On-line/Off-line status?
    • Other requirements?

Site "home" Page




My Dashboard




Courses & Sites

Judy and Daphne


  • Requirements:
    • view list of favorite sites?
    • designate favorite sites?
    • find sites (what is searched? titles? whole site's content accessible by that user? owner/contact names? site descriptions?)
    • join or become members of a site?
    • unjoin sites? (need sites that users cannot unjoin?)
    • search sites by alphabet letter?
    • popular searches? (whose? everyone in system? your connections?)
    • recent searches? (whose? everyone in system? your connections? your own?)
    • newest sites? (Newest created? newest last modified? newest joined?)
    • paging when there are lots of results
    • refine searches? (based on what?)
    • other requirements?




  • Requirements?
  • Separate page or part of "top-bar"?




  • only for site pages?

Site Management




Page Management




Page Navigation




Page Info



  • Display information on user who last modified page and when (#22).
  • Link to view changes (#21) (just brings up view or takes? also offers way to view further changes?)




  • Requirements:
    • A structured view of pages in a site
    • what defines hierarchy in site? based on links between pages? based on where page was added from? only display "top" pages?
    • how to handle large site maps? (e.g., start with part of hierarchy hidden?)

Site Settings









based on group discussion 06-Feb-2009


(green star)




  • control over an icon for the top-left corner of page?
  • other requirements?




  • Is the current implementation good enough?
  • what are its requirements?

  • Requirements:
    • My Profile Widget
      • generic widget wrapper capabilities (e.g., close, minimize, settings), which presumably are being designed in a different part of the UX effort
      • link to full page view of Profile
      • display a limited set of profile data: name, on-/off-line status, status message
      • status message should be editable
      • display summary of connection requests
      • NEW: control over who can see your on-/off-line status (what sort of control is needed? by group? all users?)
    • My Profile Page
      • display all profile data
      • enable editing of profile data. (Is some not editable? Perhaps from external system, or some they are just not allowed to change it.)
      • add new entries for some types of profile data (e.g., Degrees, Publications)
      • upload Profile picture
      • replace existing profile picture
      • Are there other data that need to be in the profile, or is the current set of fields implemented on 3akai good enough?
    • Other pages/widgets/tools/etc. designs that use profile information
      • On top-bar username is displayed; is this the username from Profile?
      • The user who last changed a page has their name and picture displayed.
      • on the People pages




from Nathan

  • Need a screen to display users
  • Need a delete or disconnect screen
  • Need to view "connection requests" + approval/denial flow (including email notifications)




from nathan

  • Need a search + search result
  • Will require a user profile screen (see #22).
  • I assume we're dropping ad-hoc groups for now?




  • A way to display system-wide messages that ensures the user reads them before dismissing them. (Part of top-bar notification functionality?)




  • User control over whether their on-line/off-line status is viewable by others? by specific people? by specific groups? by roles?
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