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Based on the Mobile BOF at the 10th Sakai Conference, we would like to continue the discussion of what functions or capabilities are relevant to the mobile platform as well as what kind of UX we would like to create for mobile users. None of us seemed prepared to offer "the answer" - we all seem to be seeking the answer. There is an opportunity for us to seek the answer together - and that is what this space is all about.

Design Notes

Mobile Actors
Mobile Requirements - QFD





Work to Date

Other Comment

University of Michigan

Sean Michael DeMonner


Have done some testing on PDA portal

Would like to investigate disaggregation of data via web services vs. building specific mobile UIs

UC Davis

Thomas Amsler


Have done some testing on PDA portal. Looked into iPhone specific GWT UI design


Adam Marshall

Smart-phone interface via JSON hopefully using MIT mobile framework. We are speaking to UCT & Micigan and others

Indiana University

Bryan Holladay (old account)


Extended EntityBroker to supply information needed for IU's MIT mobile framework implementation.




  1. Please leave a quick comment to let others know 1) what you are interested in exploring, and 2) any work that you are already undertaking. Thanks, L

  2. From: John Norman
    Date: July 18, 2009 5:38:32 AM EDT
    To: Sakai UX <>
    Subject: Re: User Experience Fwd: Continuing the Mobile BOF discussion online

    Whatever we do, we should check out the MIT mobile tools and the work of the Fluid Engage team (on mobile UX for museums)