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Please add Scenarios for People, Connections, Profiles

Early brainstorming

Some thoughts about social networking in an academic setting

Existing Screens after milestone 1

 Will add attachment

Work needed on these screens shows the tentative location of People, Connections, Profile screens, then describes the work that needs to occur on screens,copied below:

  • Need a search + search result
  • Will require a user profile screen (see #user profile).
  • I assume we're dropping ad-hoc groups for now?


My connections
  • Need a screen to display users
  • Need a delete or disconnect screen
  • Need to view "connection requests" + approval/denial flow (including email notifications)


My Profile
User profile page
  • (see #9)
  • How robust is this?
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  1. Hi,

    have you all seen the work done for Profile2 that captures all of these requirements?


    1. Yes, I had, but I think the two schools who are building the first iteration of what 3.0 might look like needed to know what Profiles might look like in that specific environment, thus the sketching.

  2. It seems to me there are two ways of controlling who can see what in your profile. One you have illustrated; field by field edit who can see the information (needs an easy preview of the result). The other is to say I want a profile for this audience, create a clone and edit it by adding or deleting information, then setting permissions on the result.

    In my current thinking the latter is very close to a portfolio use case for students, therefor I currently tend to favour it as an option because workflows and patterns can be shared with portfolio work.

    We have feedback like "what I want to say about myself to research colleagues in other institutions is quite different to what I want to say about myself to my students" This is coupled with other 'multiple' role issues for academic staff, such as "there are times when I want to be available online only for students and times I want to be available online only for research colleagues" (a response to the demo chat/contacts-online feature)

    1. Hi John, I have some ideas as to how this might be achieved, but before I work on that, can you confer with Clay and include me on the discussion thread on UX list? He indicated that, at least for now, only Connections and Public were necessary (and if those without an account can also see this profile, maybe we need a third term). Let me know what the outcome is and I can revisit.