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In early February (prior to UX switch away from work on vignettes), Daphne and Judy began work ont he Assignments vignette, identifying primary use cases.

Instructor Use Cases

Pick an existing assignment

  • edit dates
  • edit text
  • edit add'l content (e.g. video, file, discussion, poll, quiz question) 

Create a new assignment

  • specify dates
  • write text
  • insert add'l content
  • specify whether something needs to be turned in or not
  • assign to specific groups
  • see all responses to assignment
    • all turned-in files
    • all discussion posts
    • all...
  • see how many have been completed
  • send email to those that didn't complete
  • assign a grade to each completed assignment
Student Use cases

Turn in/submit file (via dropbox?)

see assignment in context (e.g. w/reading)

find assigment

recieve notification that

  • I have an assignment
  • assignment is due

see only assignments for my group

answer questions inline (as a way of completing assignment)

participate in discussion (as a way of completing assignment)

respond to poll  (as a way of completing assignment)

answer quiz questions

see if I've complted an assignment already

see aggregate view of all assignments

 See Potential Vignette Use Cases for many more use cases related to Assignments generated by the Sakai community.

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