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26 Jan 2009 UX Working Group Meeting


  • Sakai 3 Milestone 1 Release (Peter)
  • Update from last week's UX working sessions (Nathan)
  • Targets for this week's UX working sessions (Nathan)
    • Timeline for work on general UX and content authoring?
  • Are there further milestone releases planned, and what UX work is targeted at them? Jira things!
  • Discussion around Site Owner/Creator/Contact; UX input for K2?
  • What are the options for new folks interested in helping out with the UX work?
  • Long-term support plans for new widgets? Who has responsibility for maintaining the widgets being added to the release?
  • Fleshing out the use-cases for entities/vignettes? Determining what is missing from underlying tool services that are necessary to support effective use by entities/vignettes/widgets (e.g., filtering, paging)?
  • Updates (Everyone)
  • Other topics?

Meeting Notes

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