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Status Review

1. Main Sakai gateway page

  • Are we going to use the UXI version, or do we need to come up with a more engaging & open version?

2. People

  • Need a search + search result
  • Will require a user profile screen (see #22).
  • I assume we're dropping ad-hoc groups for now?

3. Course & Sites

  • Need a search + search result
  • How will metadata and tags be used?
  • Is this just one screen? Are we going to use the slide-down utility window?
  • Still need the create a site workflow
  • What about site templates?

4. Search

  • Is this needed here?
  • What is the expectation for this?

5. Me

6. My Sakai

  • Will probably re-use UXI screens for this. Will re-style them with visual design.

7. Message system

  • Need inbox
  • Need outbox (or sent box)
  • Need compose UI (in multiple contexts)
  • Need trash
  • Just the barebones stuff!
  • Need to think through email notifications that notify of new messages (plus, preferences to manage alerts)

8. My connections

  • Need a screen to display users
  • Need a delete or disconnect screen
  • Need to view "connection requests" + approval/denial flow (including email notifications)

9. My Profile

  • How robust is this? Will people be able to comment on "my profile" page?

10. Preferences

  • Same as UXI or will we be doing more?

11. Site Search

  • Will we have an autocomplete feature? Will icons be included?
  • Need a search results page w/ all the trimmings

12. Edit Page

  • Mostly done... but still need to discuss WYSIWYG bar + vignette/widget browser (assuming we have one for this release)

13. Share

  • Does this replace permissions (i.e. allow user to hide page from others) or is this something else?

14. Print page

  • Just the body of the page?

15. Revision history

  • How many screens... 1... 2...??

16. About

  • Lets keep this light for now. We can show the page's URL, some metadata about who/when the page was created. And maybe list outbound & inbound links + all links to non-page content.

17. Copyrights

  • Need edit and view screens.

18. Move

  • Need drag and drop UI – probably a lightbox.

19. Copy

  • Might be the same lightbox as move, but maybe not.

20. Delete

  • Need delete confirmation.
  • What happens to people who are sharing the page? Do they get notified? Can the delete be undone? What happens to content that was added to the system only for this page – does it remain in the system or does the user get prompted to delete that too?

21. View page changes

  • Related to the page revision history.
  • Implies a general vs. detailed view in page revision area.

22. User profile page

  • (see #9)
  • How robust is this?

23. Blank page

  • Pretty much complete

24. Page templates

  • Are there any we absolutely can't live without for this release?

25. Dashboard page

  • Will re-use UXI screen, but will adopt slightly new visual treatment.

26. Site Tool

  • Will clean up the UXI tool selector screen.

27. Site Navigation widget

  • Need to tighten the bolts down on this, but it's mostly complete.

28. Sitemap

  • Will need a screen for this. Will probably look similar to the "move" screen. Perhaps will even incorporate some of that functionality for admins.

29. Recent Activity widget

  • Seems fairly straight forward.
  • Will it include page changes only, or changes to any content?

30. Edit Sidebar

  • Will probably be related to #34.
  • Need screens to select different sidebar widgets
  • Need main screen to allow drag and drop re-positioning of sidebar widgets
  • It is possible to integrate these type of controls directly inline in the main site view.

31. Site settings

  • Have we resolved the site owner/maintainer issue?
  • What about publishing... have we agreed on the model?

32. Members

  • Would be nice to go with the new screens.
  • Peter suggested an import CSV/Excel list. Might be a nice enhancement.

33. Groups

  • Probably going to omit this?

34. Appearance

  • Change logo
  • Switch location of sidebar
  • Change colors? This might be a bit much... the process of selecting a range of options and color harmonizing them maybe not be worth it for now. I'll talk with our visual designer.


  1. With regards to #32 the ability to upload an excel file would be a nice enhancement, however, what I was trying to point out is that your current design implies it will only accept a list of comma separated names. Typically people will be working from a one-name-per-line kind of list that they just want to cut-and-paste.

    1. Ah, right.. that makes sense.