Blog from September, 2008

Worked On Last Week:


  • Issue 1.2.3 Design is done. HTML is no longer needed. Will send Nico the screens.
  • Issue 1.2.5-7 Deferred until all other tasks complete
  • Issue 1.3.2 - Design is done. Will send IU team the screens.
  • Issue 1.3.3 - Design is done. Will send Nico the screens.
  • Issue 4.2.2 - Design is done. I sent Chen the screens. She may need icons, but will let me know when.


  • Wrote documentation
  • Almost completed the "grid" view feature in the tools widget.
  • Other smalls odds and ends

Chen & Michelle

  • Distracted by local production issues, but are 45-50% complete with issue 4.x.x (aka Edit Preferences)

Worked Planned For This week:


  • Issue 1.3.5-7 Design was started and is about 30% complete. The remainder will be worked on this week.
  • Issue 1.6.4 Will review Nico's updates and offer design changes is needed.
  • Will also work with Ashish from Georgia-Tech to prioritize the next piece of design work.


  • Will try implementing the "Create New Account" screen by himself (without HTML support)

Chen & Michelle

  • Plan to continue work on 4.x.x with expected completion date of end Sept / early Oct.

General To-Do's

  • Still need to resolve how JIRA will be managed for this project. Peter will hopefully lead the effort – but further discussion is necessary. I suggest we start email thread to discuss how best to use JIRA and Confluence to manage both development tasks and design tasks.
  • Connect UofM folks (Gonzalo & Zhen) with Berkley and Nathan to plan design project around course management, groups, roles, etc.

Other Notes

  • No developers from UofM were able to make the call.
  • Several people from Berkley may be joining the UXI design/implementation effort in the next week or so.
  • Overall completion of the project still very difficult to estimate.

Here's the UX Kit.
This concludes UX improvement project called Improving OSP 1.

The initial upload only includes the PNG screens (source graphic files). The HTML is in progress and will be posted as it becomes available.

Download The UX Kit

This is the complete set of screens in PNG Fireworks format with active layers. They can be viewed using most any image viewer (including browsers), but if you want to edit them, you'll need to use Adobe's Fireworks.

Week 3

This week's changes reflect the feedback given by the OSP group on last Monday's call.


  • Too many things to list at the moment. I've added Beth's summary of last week's call instead. Download the summary here
  • The add user (for sharing) feature is quite different. I'm imagining some intermediate use of AJAX. I hope the screens are self-explanatory.


Zip archive of all screens (Week 3)

Still bothered by a few issues... so I had to make a couple updates. Hope you can see and appreciate the changes.

Zip archive of all screens (Week 2.2)