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17 August 2009 UX Working Group Meeting


  • Reviving this call and making it useful for members of the Sakai UX community
  • Hosting schedule
  • Topics


Attendees: Daphne, Kristol, Keli, Jackie

  •  Discussed upcoming meetings
    • Can meet more often, but meeting biweekly in general may help with attendance. However, skipping August 24, 31 and September 7. Time is open for anyone on the 24th to propose a topic, however, a couple people on vacation 8/31 and 9/7)
    • Special SAMigo meeting Thursday the 27th
    • Groups work presentation Sept 14
  • Agenda and hosting

Next Meeting: Jackie and Keli to talk about Samigo, not Monday, but Thursday the 27th at 11 Pacific. No Monday meetings until September 14, unless someone wants to propose one.

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