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12 Jan 2009 UX Working Group Meeting

Attendees: Peter, Stuart, Nathan, Keli, Daphne, Oliver, Clay, Nico, Chen

  • Sakai 3 Milestone 1 Release
    • Moving UX work from Contrib to main repository
    • 3.0.0-milestone01 release planned for later this week
    • 3rd-party license review
      • in progress; Pete is taking this task over from Megan
    • Contributor licensing agreements
      • Still need one
    • Jira components created in Sakai Project for UX work, where necessary:
      • Connections
      • Messaging
      • MyDashboard
      • Page Authoring
      • sData service
      • Sites widget
      • Tools widget
      • Others already exist.
    • UCB will help some with testing
      • Nathan and UCB will clarify what sort of testing and where it should focused based on areas that are close to being done; other areas still need design/implementation work to get closer to final product that needs testing.
  • Post Release
    • Priorities
      • Helping Nathan with redesign process
      • User testing of designs (implemented in milestone releases and on demo server so there is something to use in such testing)
      • full-scale QA testing, not really needed until first release candidate
  • Sakai 3 Code Freeze
    • tentatively scheduled for Tuesday, 31 March 2009
  • Kernel 2 basis for Sakai 3?
    • Go/no-go date is end of January for basing Sakai 3 on K2 or K1
    • Capabilities that depend on very-fine-grained permissions and permissions outside of tool/site model will not be possible without K2, so if going with K1 designs may need some tweaking in areas
  • Georgia Tech Update
    • Working on entifying BlogWow
    • Will coordinate with Anthony on doc to help others with entification/RESTful process
    • Authoring Working Group interest in entification may be mature enough that a closer working relationship with the UX Working Group would be profitable.
    • Clay will share Cambridge/GT top-3 priority list for needed entities
    • Authoring WG has compiled entity list, but not prioritized them yet.
  • Divvying up Design Work
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