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Welcome to Using Sakai!

The Using Sakai area is oriented towards the needs of teachers, instructors, researchers, collaborators, instructional technologists, user support and related members of the Sakai community. It encompasses a broad range of topics, including sharing best practices for teaching and collaborating; asking, answering and demoing how various tools and capabilities work; discussing end-user support materials (e.g., documentation, training, tutorials); connecting with users with similar interests and needs; etc.

There is also an email list for asking questions on and discussing issues related to using Sakai: (join sakai-user list.) This is a low-volume list, with only a few messages a week (sakai-user list archive).

The tables to the right on this page provide a synopsis of information that is either popular or has been recently updated.

Key Pages

Here are a few key areas in this wiki that are likely to be of interest to those using Sakai:

  • Sakai Conferences - The Sakai community gets together once a year at an international conference, and at various regional or topical meetings and workshops through-out the year.
  • Teaching with Sakai Innovation Award - This award seeks to highlight innovative teaching practices that use Sakai tools.
  • Teaching & Learning Repository - A place to share and contribute best practices for teaching and learning using Sakai.
  • End-User Support Aids - A collection of end-user support materials and information.
  • Regional/Language Sub-Communities - To help foster a local sense of community among users and organizations that are geographically close, or which share a common language, there are also regional and language groups within the greater Sakai community.
  • Using Sakai Conference Calls - regular meeting on the Sakai Conference Bridge to discuss using Sakai topics, share information, provide demos, etc.

Related Working Groups

There are also a number of smaller Working Groups that deal with specific topics within the broader context of Using Sakai, some of which overlap into Building Sakai and Deploying Sakai:

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