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  • Using Sakai Meeting Feb 4 2009
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February 4, 2009 (Wednesday) at 11:30 EST, 8:30 Pacific, 16:30 GMT


  • T&L Business - two courses okay for one submission for Innovation award?
    Agreed to discuss in working group, but initial comments were positive for allowing multiple courses if courses had similar curricula & outcomes

Some questions and answers:

Sticky Notes - wiki-like capability, but control with Instructor

Lynn (IU): sequencing or branching. Also, tracking where students are within hierarchy of pages.
Peter: Need to capture this in a vignette. Not something in development right now.

Josh: Authoring freedom vs. structure. Templates possible?
Peter: Being discussed. Maybe based on a short user survey
Both site and page templates.

Maggie: Where is content stored?
Peter: Final version will not have limitations - content will not be tied to person or site, but can be tagged, etc. (still being discussed).
Keli: Similar discussions on T&L group - will post

Now is the time to provide feedback while design and development is ongoing.

Anna: Ability to link to other sections of sites?
Peter: Yes - can embed actual content, embed a link, or open in new window



Vignettes Page (chunks of Sakai ability or content - widgets, gadgets, abilities, etc.)

UX Working group - daily meetings T-F 9am PST

Maybe Nate can join next week's T&L call to share his wireframes. Josh will discuss with Nate.

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