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  • 2009-02-20 Sakai3 Demo
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  • The purpose of this special meeting time is to provide a Sakai 3 demo. If you are planning on attending this session, please RSVP to Peter A. Knoop. Details on the multiple systems being used for the presentation are provided in the email below.

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From: Knoop, Peter
Sent: Wednesday, February 18, 2009 11:02 AM
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Subject: Another Sakai3 Demo: 20-Feb-2009 Noon-1PM Eastern US time

For those who were unable to attend the earlier Sakai 3 demo due to time conflicts, I'll be repeating the demo this Friday, 20 February 2009, from Noon - 1pm Eastern Time (9am Pacific/5pm UTC). If you plan to attend, please RSVP to me so that we can try to anticipate any connection overload problems.

We will make use of two Indiana systems for the demo, Adobe Connect for the screen-sharing and the Sakai001 Conference Bridge for audio:

Adobe Connect/Breeze:

  • Click "Enter as a Guest"
  • Type in your first & last name AND your institution (e.g., Peter Knoop - Sakai Foundation)
  • Click "Enter Room"

Sakai001 Conference Bridge:

Here are some additional links for Sakai 3 as well: - Michael Korcuska's proposal to the community for Sakai 3 - Some basic information on Sakai 3 and a collection of useful links. - A demo server where you can try out some of the early Sakai 3 functionality yourself at any time. This will be the server used in the demo.

If you have any questions, please let me know.

Sakai Project Coordinator


Please RSVP! We would like to have some idea of how many folks are coming in order to have sufficient connections available.

  1. Indiana University - Kristol Hancock
  2. Indiana University - Megan May, Michelle Wagner, Michael Lockett, Chen Wen, et al.
  3. Sakai Foundation - Anthony Whyte
  4. University of Michigan - John Leasia, et al.
  5. University of Michigan - Beth Kirschner
  6. University of Michigan - David Haines
  7. Columbia University - Maneesha Aggarwal
  8. University of North Carolina Chapel Hill - Kimberly Eke, et al.
  9. Virginia Tech - Robert Fentress, Peter Macedo
  10. Unicon - Vicky Crowley
  11. Rice University - Angela Rabuck
  12. RINET - Kevin Longo
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