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What it does

The sites synchronization tool Umusync allows Sakai admins to update permissions and tools in a massive way. In a synchronization task you define the site selection criteria and the things that you want to sync.

Git repository


11.1 - Released on 2-Nov-2016  

10.7 - Released on 26-Apr-2016  

10.6 - Released on 7-Jan-2016  

10.5 - Released on 8-Jul-2015  

10.4 - Released on 12-Jun-2015

    • Migrate to a git project.
    • Equalize version with Sakai.
    • Remove unused libraries.

1.1 - Released on 02-Dec-2013

    • Migrate to a core tool style.
    • Improve the performance.
    • New feature: filter by site title.

1.0 - Released on 05-Sep-2011

    • Indie tool


Who are using umusync? Institutions using Umusync

You can get more information about Umusync tool in the following links:

The origin

This tool is the result of a Final Degree Project at Faculty of Computer Sciences (University of Murcia).


The edit task form:

The tasks list:

The edit filter form:

The edit page form:

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