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Post Your Survey Experience!

This page is a space to post your survey experiences.

Please add your institution's name below as well as the following information:

  • Stage of Sakai implementation at the time of the survey
  • Which version of Sakai was running at the time of the survey
  • Date of last survey distributed (e.g. September, 2006)
  • Method of distribution (e.g. paper, online (which system))
  • Number of instructor/faculty respondents
  • Number of student respondents
  • Number of question items
  • Link to copy of survey (feel free to upload to Attachments)
  • Contact person & information
  • Comments regarding Sakai Question Bank items
  • Anything else!

Thanks for helping make a better Sakai community!

University of Michigan

  • Full Production (about 45,000 users per term)
  • Sakai 2.0
  • Survey distributed April, 2006
  • Survey distributed online (UM.Lessons)
  • 1,357 instructor respondents (19% response rate) - all instructors invited to respond
  • 2,485 student respondents (27% response rate) - 25% of students (stratified random sample) invited to respond
  • 24 items
  • PDF of survey instrument: link
  • Contact: Steve Lonn
  • Web page with all survey results & instruments: link

Texas State University

Texas State University - San Marcos has approximately 1,300 faculty and 27,000 students.

Spring 2006 Survey:
We had a pilot group (45 individuals) of faculty and staff using Sakai 2.1.

Near the end of the semester, pilot group members were sent an email asking them to join the Support staff and other team members for a debrief session, during which we would provide lunch and the opportunity to take the online survey. We even took lunch orders!

Twelve of the 45 came to the debrief, which was offered on two days from 11AM-2PM.

The survey was created online in the Tests and Quizzes tool in the Support site.
There were 31 questions which took on average 15-20 minutes to complete.

Students in pilot group classes were also surveyed. We asked the instructor's permission to give the survey at the start of a class period in late April, toward the end of the semester.

We were able to survey 798 out of approximately 4000 students that were using Sakai for at least one of their classes.

The student survey consisting of 21 questions was provided on paper with a Scantron sheet and took approximately 5-7 minutes to complete.

All the questions we used are in the Sakai question bank.

  • PDF of faculty surveylink
  • PDF of student surveylink
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