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This WG is open to participation at any time. WG email address:

Charter WG members:

Michelle Bejian Lotia (Chair), User Experience Designer, University of Michigan,
Peter Knoop, Researcher, University of Michigan,
Linda Place, Load Testing Lead, University of Michigan,
Rob Lowden, Group Manager, Online Development, Indiana University,
Kristol Hancock, User Interface Designer, Indiana University,
Megan May, Analyst, Indiana University,
Steve Lonn, Tier 1 Support, Univ. of Michigan,

Sakai Austin Conference Usage Data BOF Participants:

Ruvi Wijesuriya, Arizona State University
Carlos Solis, Rice University
Victor Maijer, University of Amsterdam
Joshua Baron, Marist College
Megan May, Indiana University
Kevin Brockman, Indiana University
Tom Aarons, University of California Davis
Peter Knoop, University of Michigan
Glenn Golden, University of Michigan
Dan Beeby, Columbia University
Kim Gausepohl, Virginia Tech
Jeshua Pacifici, Virginia Tech

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