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  • Find out on which pages users get errors or alerts
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Support Staff, Designers, Developers, and Testers want this information.

  • Designers want to know this know this to be able to improve designs to avoid errors when possible and understand which parts of the interface users most commonly make or get errors in. This helps Designers and Support Staff prioritize what areas of the UI may need improvement.
  • Developers want to see this during development to catch problems in code.
  • Testers want to see this to make sure errors are recorded and communicated to development for fixes.
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  1. HTTP errors are logged in the web server (Apache) logs, and we're not using these for usage data analysis. I think that NetTracker may allow more than one type of log per server, so that it would show both HTTP log data and our manufactured event log data.

  2. I've experimented with putting the Apache logs into NetTracker. The profile easily handles two different types of log files, but the Apache logs are big and daily updates take much longer than previously.