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  • 7 - Characterize use by properties of objects in a tool or site
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This is awkwardly worded; what I'm trying to say is there is a need to measure how often users take advantage of different ways to create their objects. For example, are instructors using Assignments with attachments, or inline postings? How many Announcements are made publicly viewable? What's the average number of Resources sent with high/low/no email notification?

  • This helps Researchers understand how the tools are used.
  • This helps Testers determine what are the most common options for objects that should be tested.
  • Designers may want to optimize page designs if infrequently used options are featured too prominently on a page.

Attributes of objects are most often stored in XML. To support this use case, attributes may need to be promoted out of XML so that they're searchable.

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  1. As an attachment to this page I've posted a "dream" sample report on a site and a sample report on a user. At Michigan, the user report would be never be reported with identifying information and would be used by Researchers to determine usage that would only be reported in aggregate form.

  2. How does usage of the tools impact the learning process?

  3. This was expanded in the BOF session to include academic administration requests like the following:

    • how many courses by department
    • how many instructors by department
    • how many students by department